When your commercial truck breaks down, why spend your hard earned time dealing with shops and garages? You can have one of the Memphis areas top diesel mechanics come directly to you wether you have a problem in the field or at your place of business. Cut the time waiting on repair shops to take care of you. Call Keith Barnes today at 901.634.8564 and Memphis' top diesel mechanic will come to you.
9/20/2013 01:29:32 am

Keith has saved me a couple times from breakdowns. More than once he has dropped what he was working on in order to get us back on the road asap. If you need a truck fixed right and you're in the Memphis, TN area, call Keith Barnes. He is THE man.

Keith Barnes
3/28/2015 03:46:52 am

I am a Moble break down service, what is the question. Clarify your statement?

4/21/2015 09:52:39 am

It would be super nice to have someone come to me if my truck ends up breaking down. It'd save me the stress of trying to figure out how to transport it to the nearest repair shop. Being able to avoid wait times at shops would also be incredibly nice.

Keith Barnes
4/22/2015 04:35:07 am

Yes sir, I would like to help you with that. Call me 901-634-8564 we can talk about what your looking for in a road service!


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    For over twenty years I have worked on just about every brand of diesel engine, trailer and semi. Call us today at 901.634.8564 in the Memphis area and we'll fix it right the first time.


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